Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love photography in general, and of children more specifically. Most specifically of all, I absolutely, positively 100% ADORE working with babies in the 6-12 month range. They are at the peak of babyhood, with some of the perks of toddlerhood! Most of them will sit still, which is nice, and yet they have so many cute expressions and a natural curiosity about everything! And don't even get me started on chubby baby cheeks, arms, legs... Aack, it kills me! I just love them!

So today was a special treat for me, getting to photograph this sweet little seven-month old. She was as happy as can be and so darn cute! Here are just a few quick picks from our session. I got a lot of smiling pictures, too, but this first one took my breath away when I saw it... Doesn't she have such pretty eyes?

And some smiles!

And one more, with her pretty mommy!

I can't wait to edit the rest!

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Carter's mom said...

She is so adorable, you captured her beautifully!