Monday, August 9, 2010

Sara's Family

When I first started out on my photography journey, I was lucky enough to discover a hidden jewel on the internet: a small community of women, mostly moms like myself, who met online to discuss parenting issues, share funny stories about our kids, etc. And within that group, there was another section devoted entirely to moms who wanted to become better photographers. Some were already pros, others were just starting out-- but it was (and is!) an incredibly supportive place to learn and grow. It was on that photography discussion board that I met Sara, who shares my love of photography and is also working on starting up her own business. We've become friends over the past year or so, and she happens to live in the same city as my parents! So last night, I had the pleasure of photographing her and her family (and also getting to visit with my parents, which is always nice!).

Some of you who will read this blog know Sara, and how amazing her little family is. But for those of you who don't know her, allow me to fill you in. Her son, Carter, was born with an incredibly rare genetic disorder known as Mowat Wilson Syndrome. There are fewer than 200 diagnosed cases worldwide. It's sporadically occurring, which means that parents aren't carriers, and it's so rare that it is generally not detected in utero. Kiddos born with MWS are affected both mentally and physically, and most are non-verbal (though they may be able to communicate in other ways). I have just plagiarized most of this from what Sara told me, but the truth is that Carter is a little miracle, and his mommy and daddy love him to pieces.

At any rate, how about a few pics of one of my favorite families? Their pug, Co-Pilot, even got in on the action (and she's quite the little model). I hope you guys like these as much as I do-- we need to get together with the kids again soon!


Carter's mom said...

Have I mentioned I LOVE these, thank you Briar, excellent job and it was fun to do a session with a friend!

Amber said...

Beautiful Photos of a beautiful family!