Monday, July 12, 2010

Brady, Rylan, & Levi

I started to title this post "A Toddler, a Baby, and an Infant," but then it seemed to me that Rylan might not *really* a baby, since she could stand up. But she's not a toddler yet... And then it all got muddled in my head, so I thought I would just use their names!

Semantics aside, this morning's photo shoot was a blast! I met up with two friends from my mommy group. Our hostess, Sara, is also a photographer, and the two of us shot pictures of our other friend, Alicia's, two kids. Her son, Brady, is a few months younger than my son (making him two-and-a-half), and her daughter, Rylan, will be one in October. Later, Alicia's sister-in-law came by (who is also named Alicia, as if this post wasn't already confusing enough!), and she brought her darling three-month-old son, Levi. So we took individual pictures of everyone, as well as some group shots of the siblings/cousins. We started our day inside (see the picture of the beautiful Rylan, below!), but we quickly realized that the lighting outside was just gorgeous. All in all, I had a great time with my friends, and am SUPER happy with how these photos turned out-- I hope you like your sneak peek, Alicias! :)


Adrienne said...

Gorgeous photos, Briar!

Corey said...

Very sweet photos!!