Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Thoughts

So this whole "skill building/portfolio building" phase of developing a photography business is really starting to take off!

With two sessions last weekend and another two coming up this weekend (not to mention an impending newborn and a bunch of other sessions "in the works"!), I have been getting such great practice lately! I want to thank everyone for letting me "experiment" on them. I have learned so much about what works/what doesn't, and I really feel like I've been growing by leaps and bounds. And you know what? It's EXHILIRATING! I LOVE it! All of these different types of sessions have allowed me to a) spend time "being an adult," without my (adorable, amazing, wonderful) kids in tow b) explore my creative side, and c) meet different people. I love everything about a photo shoot, from choosing the location to editing the final product. It is so much fun!!

With that being said, I am optimistic that I will officially become a business sometime this summer, charging a discounted fee for my work. And who knows? Maybe by this time next year, I will consider myself good enough to charge full custom photography prices. I can hardly wait! :)

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