Saturday, February 6, 2010


I haven't posted here in a while... My other blog (about my kiddos) is always my first priority, and sometimes I hardly have time for that! I have, however, been continuing to practice my photography on a daily basis. Ever since I had my revelation about manual mode (and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together), I haven't looked back! I have been shooting in manual mode consistently. And now that I have become a more "conscious" photographer, the results have been improving by the day. I have gotten to the point where I can tell pretty much right away if something is working or not... And if it works, I generally have to do very little to the picture in terms of post-processing. So-- yay for growth!!! It's been very personally fulfilling to finally nurture this hobby over the past month or so. I have LOVED it!

In addition to shooting in manual mode, I have also begun to shoot primarily in RAW format. This basically means that my camera records every single detail about a picture-- making it much easier to correct color and white balance in post-processing without losing any detail. The flip side is that these files are HUUUUGE! I find myself filling up my 8 GIGABYTE memory card on a regular basis! So I'm thinking I need some new memory cards and an external hard drive or two. Luckily, I can convert them to (much smaller) JPEG files when I save them onto my hard drive, but still... They sure do take up a lot of space!

Anyway, here are a few recent pictures. Tomorrow will be my first time shooting a newborn-- and one that is not mine-- so I will update again soon. I am so excited!

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