Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Kid in a Basket

And some new news!

First, I am so excited that my friend, Kori, has agreed to let me take pictures of her baby boy in a week or so! Ever since I started really focusing on improving my skills, I have been dying (yes, DYING) to work with a little baby. It will be so much fun to work with a model who can't crawl away from me, or who constantly tries to bite the props. (speaking of biting props... please note that my daughter is holding my drool-covered lens cap in the above picture. teething is so much fun!)

I am also realizing that there are a slew of other photographic opportunities just waiting for me to take advantage of. I currently have a grad student helping/observing in my classroom, and his wife is due with a baby boy on June 4th. I haven't asked yet, but am really hoping that they will let me do a newborn photo shoot with their little cutie. And then there are all of my coworkers with young grandkids... I want to talk to my principal about this, first, but I would love to offer free sessions to my coworkers, just so that I can practice and maybe even start building a portfolio. How awesome would that be??

Stay tuned...

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